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Connect With Sculptor and Painter in Nevada City, CA

Meet Stephanie

I sculpt slab clay figures and paint using a variety of media.  Each sculpture and painting I create is influenced by my art travels and unique people I meet.  I love exploring colorful cultures while experiencing personalities who make a lasting impression.

Ceramic Sculptures

Yellowstone National Park inspired my sculptures series of Birds (both hanging and stationary), authentic antlered Goddesses wearing Alexander McQueen fashions, plus a Horned Buffalo Warrior. My comic family of a Grand Mother, Grand Father and Grand Daughter (Mom and Dad sold) are inspired by characters in my family. There are ceramic dogs!


My pastels and mixed media are of Jazz performers, musicians and actors custom framed in Georgia Pine, stained and painted to enhance the designs within. My painting style is a flowing colorful pattern influenced by both Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt.


Bachelor of Arts from University of Oregon; Mentors are Albert Potecky (oil painting) Portland, Oregon and Matty Leeds, (Large Ceramics) Santa Cruz, CA. Decades of traveling to worldwide workshops for both painting and ceramics.

For twenty-five years I have participated in Santa Cruz County Arts Council Open Studios.  I look forward to participating in the Nevada County Arts Council Open Studios.